Feedback from a variety of clients and event organisers:

'I had great feedback from the shop who loved having you there and the atmosphere you created.,

Rachael Wraight, Product Marketing Co-ordinator (Retail & Wholesale), Seasalt Limited.First Anniversary, March 2019.

"We thought you were great and so delighted you were able to come to sing at our fathers celebration after his memorial service. You added so much to the occasion in terms of atmosphere and fun and he would have loved it!! We really enjoyed the songs and I certainly had lots of positive comments about you as I was talking to everyone. Thank-you again for being reliable, fun, flexible and generally rather lovely people!"

Abigail Collins. Alan Street's funeral reception, April 2018

"Thank you for being there on the day – we had really positive feedback and you certainly created an atmosphere!"

Rachael Wraight, Product Marketing Co-ordinator (Retail & Wholesale), Seasalt Limited. Store Opening, March 2018.


"Great seeing and hearing Holme & Dry. Thanks for getting involved, so glad you did."

Eileen Alanna, event coordinator, Lord's Brewery 'Big Folk Brewery Weekend', March 2018

"Thank you for a fantastic set in the Hygge Tent in December."

Steve Ansell, event coordinator, Huddersfield Winter Festival, December 2017

"I would like to, on behalf of the committee, thank you for your contribution to Gloucester Shanty Festival.  We have been getting some excellent feedback from the venues and the public alike. You won the bucket-rattling contest, I am glad to say with your collection of £165.31, and as promised I have a trophy for you to retain as an expression of our thanks in helping us raise money for SARA."

Steve Rule, organiser, Gloucester Shanty Festival, May 2017.