Holme & Dry's repertoire is constantly evolving as each member brings new song they wish to lead to the group.

Our current songbook contains the following shanties:

Admiral Benbow

All for me Grog

Big Steamers

Blow the Man Down

Blue Murder

Bold Riley

Bring Us a Barrel

Cornish Lads

Ellan Vannin


Essiquibo River

Fall Down Billy O'Shea

Fathom the Bowl

Fire Marengo

Haul Away Joe

Jacky Brown

John Kanaka

Leave Her Johnny


Lowlands Away

Mingulay Boat Song

North West Passage

Paddy Lay Back

Pleasant and Delightful

Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth

Randy Dandy Oh

Rolling Down the River

Rolling Down to Old Maui

Roll Boys Roll (Sally Brown)

Row Boys Row

Sammy's Bar


Silver Darlings

South Australia

SS Shieldhall

The Blind Sailor

The Bonny Ship the Diamond

The Drunken Sailor

The Last Shanty

The Mary Ellen Carter

The Pirate Song

The Rosabella

The SS Sheildhall

Three Score and Ten

Time Ashore

Tom's Gone to Hilo

Whip Jamboree

Whisky Johnny